Should You Replace Yourself First?

This is a very important question, but with a few different answers. Many business owners believe they need to put a good Managing Director in …

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Why So Many Deals Fail

Of the business owners I speak to, and the attendees at our Masterclasses, the vast majority have experienced some form of deal opportunity which has …

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How To Manage An Acquirer’s Risk (And Why It’s Important)

Risk is a critical element of any deal, and it would be remiss of a seller to assume that future risk is entirely the acquirer’s …

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Emotional vs Commercial

So often, the reality is that the sale of a business is highly emotional for the seller, and entirely commercial for the acquirer. As a …

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Most business owners simply cannot resist the urge to go out there and look for a deal. They know deep down that they have not …

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Keep an Open Mind But Know Your Non-Negotiables

This topic always stimulates an interesting debate. It is critical that you know what is really important to you, and that you drive the best …

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