The Deal Is Not Done Until It’s Done

Far too many business owners think the deal is done when a price is agreed to, or even worse, when they are introduced to someone …

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Get Good Legal and Tax Advice, But These Advisers Are Not Party To Your Agreement

Again, this may seem obvious, your lawyers work for you after all and it is absolutely critical that you hear their advice, but you need …

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Are Competitors Good Acquirers?

The answer to this question is very interesting, given that many business brokers or corporate finance advisers will see your competitors as the most obvious …

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International Acquirers

There are many reasons why international acquirers look to South Africa for opportunities. We remain a good ‘springboard into Africa’, but more importantly, the country …

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What Is Your Selling Price?

Personally, I have only ever lost deals at the point where, in representing the seller, I put a price on the table. If the price …

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Selling Your Business is a Sales and Marketing Exercise

This is where the Deal Leaders Africa model significantly differentiates itself from the other players in the market. Think of it this way: traditionally, there …

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