#DLAROCKS – Working from Home

Working from home – My takeout Like many of us, the idea of working from home seemed like it was going to be something unique …

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Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

Many businesses are saleable as is. The work required to prepare them for sale is practically the same as the work you’ve been doing for …

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The Dreaded “Earn-Out”

An earn-out is a deal structure in which the seller warrants that expected profit targets will be achieved, in order to justify the sale price …

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The Pros And Cons of a Private Equity Acquirer

Two big advantages of a private equity acquirer is that they typically come with cash and don’t meddle in your business. Although they are big …

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The Five Most Common Mistakes People Make in Selling Their Businesses

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Ditch the Ego!

The perfect acquirer is better-equipped to make a success of your business than you are. Accepting this fact is absolutely key to finding the perfect …

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